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Corporate Compliance

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Corporate Compliance Policy

Tuscola County Medical Care Community is committed to conducting its business in a manner that facilitates quality, efficiency, honesty, integrity, respect and full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Facility and its governing Board have an on-going commitment to ensure that all operations are conducted in accordance with both the letter and spirit of applicable laws and regulations as well as the organization's own policies and procedures.

Corporate Compliance Program

The Tuscola County Medical Care Community Corporate Compliance Program is under the direction of the Corporate Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the facility Administrator and as needed to the Board of Directors. The Corporate Compliance Committee is an inter-disciplinary committee representing all areas of practice within the organization. The Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the Corporate Compliance Program, as well as regularly evaluating its effectiveness within the organization. The Corporate Compliance Officer and Committee are also responsible for overseeing any corrective actions taken to resolve issues of non-compliance.

Duty To Report

All employees have a duty to report issues of non-compliance. Disciplinary action can result for any employee aware of non-compliance, who does not report it. Common types of occurrences include: unethical or unprofessional behavior, fraud, theft, asset abuse, health and safety issues and/or conflicts of interest.

Non-Retaliation Policy

Acts of intimidation, or retaliation against anyone who has fulfilled his/her duty to report non-compliance and/or participate in an investigation, are strictly prohibited. Anyone involved in acts of intimidation or retaliation will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

You have the option to report a concern anonymously. However, please understand that an anonymous report may hinder our ability to perform a complete investigation if sufficient detail is not provided and we cannot contact you.This could impede corrective action. If you choose to provide your name and request confidentiality, we will attempt to keep your identity as private as possible. In some cases, we may be legally-bound to disclose your name to investigators, auditors or other persons responsible for oversight of our compliance program.

Reporting Issues, Actions, and Complaints

  1. Online - Please click here to make an anonymous report online.
  2. 24 hour telephone hotline - A 24 hour message hotline is available. Hotline Number: (989) 551-6822
    you will be directed to a voice mail system. You will need to provide enough relevant information to
    start an investigation. Please be specific.
    Click here to view the complaints form to ensure you are leaving the correct information.
  3. Traditional Mail - you may mail a completed complaints form to:
    Tuscola County Medical Care Community
    ATTN: Corporate Compliance Officer
    1285 Cleaver Rd.
    Caro MI 48723
  4. Email - You may email a completed complaints form to complianceofficer@tcmcf.org.
  5. Contact Corporate Compliance Officer - Maggie Root: mroot@tcmcf.org (989)672-0555

Resolutions of Investigations

All hotline complaints are logged and investigated, and reports of those investigations are reviewed by the Corporate Compliance Officer who shall work with Management and the Compliance Committee to determine the appropriate course of action(s) to resolve the complaint. Corrective actions include steps to correct the identified problem(s) as well as revise procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future.