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Memorial Tree:
The TCMCC Memorial Tree Program allows you to remember your loved ones by contributing to the quality of life of all of our residents. Not only will your loved one be honored with a leaf on one of the Donors’ Memorial Trees, in the lobby, but if your donation is requested to be used for the purchase of a specific item, your loved one’s name may also be engraved on a plaque mounted directly on that item. Memorial Donations have been used in the past for the purchase(s) of:

  • Trees and shrubs for the facility’s approved landscaping projects.
  • Park benches and picnic tables for the various garden areas.
  • Elevated planters to allow wheelchair access for residents who love to plant and maintain flower gardens.
  • Wheel-chair accessible Picnic Tables for the Outdoor Pavilion.
  • Memory Alcoves on the units, representing the various decades in which our residents have grown, lived or raised their families.
  • Bird Aviaries, located on two units, where residents can enjoy the beauty and sounds of a variety of small birds.

For more information on our Memorial Tree Program, or to donate, please read our brochure or call (989)673-4117.

TCMCC Foundation:
TCMCC Foundation is a designated fund of the Tuscola County Community Foundation
With healthcare revenues supported by tax dollars becoming increasingly volatile, the TCMCC Foundation was established in 2014 to provide a stable supplement to operations, ensuring that future generations continue to receive high quality care.

For more information on how to donate please email foundation@tcmcf.org.

Mission Statement
The purpose of Tuscola County Medical Care Community is to facilitate a care-partnership among staff, residents and families that enhances the quality of life for all we serve. Further, to maintain a level of excellence among staff, exercise financial responsibility and adapt to everchanging needs of life’s continuum.

Vision Statement
Tuscola County Medical Care Community will be the model for extended care services in the State.


What to Expect:
In exchange for your commitment to Tuscola County Medical Care Community, you will benefit in various ways. You will learn to grow, make new friends, develop new interests and skills, test career possibilities, find self-fulfillment, receive a sense of worth by serving residents. You will become informed of the purpose and function of Tuscola County Medical Care Community and be a part of the team of people who are concerned about the well being of those living at Tuscola County Medical Care Community. Volunteer Ideas: assist with group activities, give manicures, fold laundry, make beds, play instrument, read to residents.

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer:

  1. A prospective volunteer sets up an appointment to meet with the V.P. of Personnel.
  2. An application is filled out. You can print the application here. Please mail the application to
    Tuscola County Medical Care Community
    1285 Cleaver Rd. Caro MI 48723.
  3. Application is turned in. Background checks are completed by the Personnel Department.
  4. The job that the volunteer chooses to do is discussed and the department where the volunteer will be serving is contacted and an appointment is set to meet the supervisor.
  5. A general orientation takes place.
  6. A tour of the building is included in the general orientation at which time people in the department where volunteer will be serving are introduced. The volunteer is also shown were the volunteer sign in sheets are kept and instructed how to fill them out.
  7. A TB test is given and the volunteer is directed to come back in 48-72 hours to have the test results read.
  8. A volunteer schedule is made.

Youth Program Requirements:

  1. Youth volunteer must be in 9th through 12 grade.
  2. Youth volunteer should be available a minimum of 2 hours per month. He/she may volunteer no more than 3 hours per day, and no more than 10 hours per week unless special permission to work additional hours is granted through the Personnel Department. Volunteer must be available a minimum of 6 months.
  3. Volunteer must have own transportation.
  4. Volunteer must be willing to have a TB test done.
  5. Volunteer must participate in any required training.

For more information on our volunteer program please contact our V.P. of Personnel at (989)673-4117 ext. 509