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  • Medical Services

    Dementia Care

    At the Tuscola County Medical Care Community we have 50 beds designated specifically for Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Special Needs Residents.

    Medical Care

    This Facility uses local physicians who have practicing privileges at our facility, allowing our residents their choice of the finest health care practitioners in the area.

    24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care

    Each eight-hour shift is staffed with professional licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants who receive continuing on-going education and training. Each unit also has its own RN Nurse Manager. Our nursing department provides around the clock resident care for a wide variety of medical needs as well as convalescence for post operative recovery and short or long term illnesses. Quality care and life outcomes motivate our 100+ nursing department to meet your every need. We also offer specialized care including restorative nursing, Wound-Ostomy-Continence staff, two Alzheimer's specialty wings, and medical-surgical nursing to ensure that your needs can be met. We go well beyond state and national averages regarding resident / staff ratios to allow for the best possible care. This is an important factor which allows you or your loved one to receive more personal attention. All of our nursing assistants are certified and must meet Michigan's certification requirements on an ongoing basis.

  • Restorative Services

    Restorative Nursing Care

    The purpose of our Restorative Department is to promote resident wellness and prevent debilitation.

    1. Provide an atmosphere where resident's can live meaningful lives with self esteem and function as independently as possible.
    2. Prevent additional loss of independence.
    3. Enable resident's in long term care to achieve and/or maintain their highest level of functioning.
    4. Maintain or improve a resident's functional abilities in bathing, eating, grooming, dressing transferring and walking.
    5. Promote resident understanding of the restorative care process and benefits of the program.
    6. Promote staff knowledge of the resident population, needs, planning process, and "quality of life concept" through In-service training and new employee training.

    Our restorative Program is headed up by an RN Nurse Manager and includes, 2 licensed Restorative Nurses and 3 full time Restorative aides here 7 days a week; they provide early morning to early evening therapy. Traditional Therapy Interventions include:

    • Walking - We have specific ambulation programs geared towards resident's capability.
    • Targeted Exercise - Range of Motion programs are provided in room and in group sessions.
    • Feeding/Dining - Special dietary needs are monitored here.
    • Bladder/Bowel - Incontinency issues are addressed.
  • Rehabilitation Services

    Physical Therapy:

    Our therapy is provided by Select Rehabilitation, a nationally known leader in the field of rehabilitation One of the benefits of a skilled nursing admission to the facility is the excellent physical rehabilitation program that is offered.. A program is planned for each individual resident that meets their level of endurance and function. There is no requirement for the resident to have a specific amount of time in therapy every day- it can be adjusted daily to accommodate the resident's physical condition.

    Occupational Therapy:

    Occupational therapy helps people with disabilities to return to their life roles through the use of therapeutic methods, applied and assistive technology/equipment, and environmental modifications. Speech therapy provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for individuals who have developed speech, swallowing, or cognitive problems following an injury or illness.

    Wound Care:

    Tuscola County Medical Care Community has a Certified Wound Care Specialist on staff. We have comprehensive programs that promote wound healing, prevent infections, and allow us to work closely with staff physicians and our Medical Director to maximize results. Through their relationship we have established an impressive record in healing acute and chronic ulcers.

    Our program is designed to provide care on a highly individualized basis, so we constantly evaluate and re-adjust our approach as necessary to achieve results for each and every individual. The Wound Care Program also recognizes the importance of and stresses the use of prevention techniques. We assess patients at risk for early signs of tissue breakdown so they can be closely monitored and followed to assure that wounds do not develop, after all prevention is the best treatment.

    Speech Therapy:

    Speech Therapy provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for individuals who have developed speech, swallowing or cognative problems following an injury or illness. This department deals with oral dysfunction, which can cause a decline in food intake in the geriatric population. The therapist may work with the Dietary Department to ensure optimum food intake by the resident. This may involve oral food facilitation techniques and exercises.

  • Financial Services

    Our Business Office is located in the lobby of the main building, and is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Our Business Office staff can receipt payments and assist you with deposits to or withdrawals from the Resident Trust. They also process meal tickets, phone and cable service orders.

    Our Billing Department is located in the TCMCC Business Annex, 1231 Cleaver Road, which is right next door to our main building. The Billing Department is also open 8:00 am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Resident invoices are mailed monthly and the billing coordinators follow a standard collection procedure for delinquent accounts. If you are applying for insurance benefits, please notify the Billing Department so that one of our staff can assist you with any necessary paperwork.

    Bed Hold Policy / Leave of Absence:

    For temporary absences from the facility due to medical care in an acute care hospital, the facility does allow the resident or responsible party the option to hold the bed in the nursing facility at the applicable daily rate. Bed Hold brochures are located in the front lobby of both the main building and the Business Annex.

    Leaves of Absence can be for a few hours, the day, or over night, if the resident's payment source permits. Some insurances restrict leaves of absence from the facility; if you need clarification of your particular insurance coverage, please contact the TCMCC Billing Department.


    Medicare is a federal insurance program for persons 65 years old or older, or for persons with certain severe disabilities. Medicare coverage in the Skilled Nursing Facility is dependent on certain medical and administrative criteria being met, including a qualifying three-day hospital stay and the resident requiring a skilled level of nursing care or therapy services. If coverage criteria are met, the resident may be eligible for up to 100 days of skilled care in the medical care facility, as long as the resident remains at a skilled level of care, and benefit days have not already been used at another facility. If eligible, Medicare Part A insurance will pay the full cost of covered services for the first 20 days. For the 21st through 100th days, Medicare covers all covered services exceeding its daily coinsurance rate, which is your responsibility. Some private insurance contracts provide Medicare Supplemental coverage which will pay the daily coinsurance amount for you. For questions about your particular insurance coverage, please contact the TCMCC Billing Department.


    This is a State program which provides health care services to low income individuals. To qualify for Medicaid coverage, certain income and level of care criteria must be met. Applications for Medicaid coverage may be obtained from the Tuscola County Department of Human Services. They will make the determination of Medicaid eligibility, as well as calculate any required resident patient-pay (which is the monthly deductible you must pay before the Medicaid program pays for any health care services). For assistance in filling out this application, please contact the TCMCC Social Services Department.

    Private Insurance:

    Coverage depends on the particular benefits of your contract, but please note that many private insurance policies do not have Skilled Nursing Care benefits. For questions regarding your particular plan, please contact the TCMCC Billing Department.

    Private Pay:

    A person who is not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage, and has no private insurance covering skilled nursing care, will be a Private Pay resident. You may contact the Admissions or Billing Departments for the current room rate. A deposit is required at admission for persons being admitted under the Private Pay program. This deposit will be applied to the resident's final bill.

    Resident Trust Funds:

    A resident trust fund can be set up through the Community's Business Office to handle the resident's funds. An explanation of this fund is given to the resident at the time of admission, and a form must be signed authorizing the facility to maintain the fund on the resident's behalf for payment of Medicaid Patient Pays, barber/beauty services, clothing labels, etc. The resident's monies are deposited in an interest bearing account and statements are mailed to the responsible party of record on a quarterly basis. Resident Trust brochures are available in the Community's Business Office

  • Dietary Services


    The Dining Services department is made up of a dedicated, hard working team. The management team offers expertise from clinical to certified food professionals. Our clinical team works closely with all residents to assess their nutritional needs. They work with Physicians, Speech Therapy, Nursing, and resident families to ensure residents are receiving the appropriate nutritional therapy.

    The staff prides itself on taking care of the residents as if they were family. Our greatest accomplishment has been to implement the Direct Dining Program. We set up meal service in three Living Centers throughout the facility. This allows us to serve the residents immediately with restaurant-style service. Our menu is designed as a direct result of resident preferences and request.

    The Tuscola County Medical Care Community has many different options for our residents to choose from. We offer a main menu,which includes delicious food from all of the represented food groups. If the main menu doesnt suite you , we offer a second choice menu as well. We accommodate all tastes and preferences. We have specialty Items available daily along with soup and sandwich alternatives.

    We look forward to every opportunity to enhance the dining experience for our residents.

    Mission Statement:

    TCMCC Dining Services Department is committed to providing the highest level of food service to all our residents.

    Vision Statement:

    TCMCC Dining Services will provide a positive dining experience to all our residents.

  • Facility Operations


    The Maintenance Department is comprised of a group of employees who are responsible for the preventive maintenance and repair of all mechanical, electrical, facility grounds and safety equipment. Maintenance employees perform skilled and semi-skilled tasks including plumbing fixture repair, installing electrical devices, HVAC maintenance, vehicle maintenance, nurse call troubleshooting, and maintaining emergency service equipment. The Maintenance team complete approximately 2,000 work orders each year and perform over 800 preventive maintenance programs at regular intervals throughout the year.

    Maintenance departments in health care settings have become highly skilled and efficient departments due to the increased regulation associated with the industry. Tuscola County Medical Care Community Maintenance Department members are on-call 24 hours per day, seven days per week and staff the facility 365 days per year.


    The Housekeeping/Laundry Departments of The Tuscola County Medical Care Community is made up of approximately 45 employees who clean 120,000 square feet of space each day as well as washing facility laundry. Daily duties include cleaning resident rooms, offices, restrooms, conference rooms and the common areas. The laundry staff washes approximately 10,000 pounds of laundry per week. In one year, the housekeeping staff will clean 51,465 resident rooms. In addition, the department will supply approximately 6,656 packages of paper towels and 9,984 rolls of toilet tissue. The staff of approximately 45 provides services 7 days per week, 16 hours per day.

    Housekeeping and laundry employees take care of everything from mopping floors, washing walls, cleaning carpeting, washing windows and cleaning restrooms. Many of these duties include the use of specialized equipment. It hasn't been too many years ago, when all you needed to know to be a housekeeper, janitor or laundry worker, was to be able to clean a bathroom or mop a floor or wash clothing. Today, each housekeeper and laundry worker must be trained and pass competency assessments in blood borne pathogens, infection control techniques, personal protective equipment, fire and disaster responsibilities, in addition to their normal cleaning processes and chemicals they use.

    Central Supply:

    Central Supply hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Deliveries are requested during these times at the rear of the facility. Please contact the Central Supply Coordinator at 989-672-0526 to arrange deliveries.

    The function of the Central Supply Department is to purchase, receive, store and distribute over 1000 different inventory items. Because of the activity and high volume, the simple function of purchasing, receiving, storing and distributing goods becomes somewhat complex. To assist in this function, bar codes and bar code scanners are used to track product use and assignment to residents. Each item is stored in the central supply room or in treatment rooms throughout the facility. The Central Supply staff is responsible for maintaining inventory and purchasing the needed supplies and equipment for the facility. The Tuscola County Medical Care Community utilizes HPS (Hospital Purchasing System) to achieve the goal of cost efficiency while maintaining a high standard of quality.

  • Other Services
    • Barber and beauty services
    • Hospice services
    • Transportation to local medical appointments (hearing, dental, physician, vision, etc.)
    • In house x-rays
    • Skilled Maintenance
    • Social Services
    • Resident Council
    • Religous Services
    • Psychological Services
    • IV Therapy/Tube Feeding
    • Cable TV
    • Television and DVD Provided
    • Other services to the residents as the need arise.